Company Profile

GLE Solar Energy (GLE Solar) is a division of Great Lakes Electric (GLE), LLC located in Saint Joseph, Michigan. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high efficiency solar water heaters and other solar energy products. Since the company was founded in 2008, GLE Solar has consolidated its footprint in the renewable energy industry.

GLE Solar is located in a facility that includes an office area and more than 20,000 square feet of production assembly and warehouse space in Saint Joseph, Michigan. The company has successfully launched the patent-pending SHP710, 609, 410 and 310 solar heater products. All four models of GLE solar water heating products have earned full SRCC OG-100 certification and FSEC collector certification. The SRCC has also granted OG-300 certification to 12 complete domestic water heating systems.

GLE Solar water heating products deliver unique and comprehensive benefits and outperform any existing solar water heating product on the market. Therefore, GLE Solar products offer significant advantages for pool heating and hot water supply for either residential or commercial applications.

Innovation, global operation, customer orientation, and quality focus are the core competencies GLE Solar uses to excel in the market and to succeed in this dynamic business environment. The company has established a production facility on the east coast of China. The factory has implemented quality control processes to ensure product quality and reliability. Our innovative technical staff works hard to maintain our position at the forefront of solar thermal technology. All GLE Solar products are patent-pending.

GLE’s logistics management is capable of shipping containers of GLE Solar products either to our Michigan warehouse or directly to a distributor’s warehouse. Then, the ordered products can be delivered within 3-5 days to any location in the continental United States.

GLE Solar has cultivated a sales and distribution network in a few top solar states. Through our network of distributors’ warehouses, GLE Solar can easily reach any regional customers. We are working to expand this network into more states to support the growing demand. In addition, GLE Solar has been qualified as a Lowe’s vendor, so any customer can order GLE Solar products at the local Lowe’s store.

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