Domestic Hot Water

Domestic hot water (DHW) is an everyday luxury that many people take for granted.  It is all too easy to forget about the gradually mounting costs added by each shower, each load of laundry, or even each trip to the faucet.

By connecting a GLE solar water heater to your existing water heating system, the sun will preheat the water that enters your current system’s storage tank.  In ideal conditions, the solar unit will raise all of the water to the desired temperature, requiring no costly and fuel.  Other days, the current system may be forced to use a small amount of electricity or natural gas to heat the already-warm water those last few degrees.

Even if you currently own the most efficient natural gas heater, a GLE Solar water heater could save you hundreds of dollars and prevent up to one ton of carbon emissions every year of its 30 year lifespan.

See the sizing calculator to determine which panel configuration will serve your needs

Domestic Hot Water Supply Solutions
Close Loop (CL) system with heat exchanger storage tank
Direct Circulation (DC) with storage tank
Direct Flow (DF) to existing heater or tankless heater