“In Southwest Michigan, winter and clouds are a fact of life. After 1.5 yrs of use, the GLE collectors have performed well in even the most limited solar days. Our system has been applied in a closed loop dual heat exchanger fashion to provide heating for both pool water and domestic hot water for our home. During spring, summer and fall months, we set our control priority to pool and were able to maintain 6 – 8.5 degrees above normal with no cover. With the solar cover on, we were up to 90 degrees in a hurry! Throughout fall, winter and early spring, we have been able to heat 80-100% of our domestic hot water needs. The integrated collection and storage system provides maximum heat gain with very little pump energy required to move the heat once required. Having the ability to switch heating loads from pool to domestic hot water gives us the flexibility to fit our lifestyle. Because we are able to heat our domestic hot water load, we qualified for the 30% alternate energy tax incentive. The GLE collectors are a big hit with us!”

-  Steve C.
St. Joseph, Michigan

“We installed our 18′x36′ in-ground pool four years prior to our solar addition from GLE. Each year we supplemented the solar cover with a gas fired boiler. Our original cover was blue in color which we changed to clear after it gave out. Running 1 year with this clear cover prior to installing the GLE unit we still used our boiler but saw an improvement. This year we DID NOT fire the boiler as we used total solar heat which we tied to the pool pump at a slow but continuous rate. Spring started out slow but as the summer sun came into play we enjoyed a constant 88 degree pool. The only problem was that it got too warm and we made a cover to keep the sun off of the GLE Solar until we need it.”

- Ronald and Stephanie K.
Saint Joseph, Michigan

“So far this spring, we’ve been swimming in water temperatures 10 to 12 degrees warmer than our neighbors that don’t have a GLE Solar Pool Heater.  Our pool was already in the 80’s in March with no monthly operating costs.  When we’ve left the cover on since the start of May, it can reach 93°F or higher.”

-  Bill H.
South Padre Island, TX

“We installed a 6 Foot GLE array at a rural farm home which supplemented their in-floor hot water heating system. I’m pleased to tell you that the family has saved over $800 each season for the past two heating seasons, looking at LP costs from three seasons ago. They are big fans.”

-  Gregg Bacon
WinndSunn, Clear Lake, IA

“So far we have been able to measure temperatures comparing one villa with electric heater and another villa with GLE system. So far so good, the temperatures reached by the GLE system are around 82F and 93F. The temperatures reached with the electric heater are around 93F and 96F.  We will continue doing measurements on the electric meters to understand the savings related on using the GLE system. So far we estimate saving 78% compared to electric heater.  The visual impact of the villa is close to nothing and the architect in charge of the project has had no negative comments.”  (In reference to a trial unit at a resort complex)

- Christian K.