PV Power Supply

So you’ve already installed a solar pool heating system.  Now it’s time to make the whole pool experience run on renewable energy.  The GLE Solar PV power system produces enough electricity to power a circulating pool pump while charging the battery for an overnight power supply.  It could also be used to operate the solar temperature controller or even provide LED lighting for an evening swim.

Of course, the PV power system isn’t restricted to use with pools.  Some industrial water heating installations will also need a circulating pump, and the PV power system can easily accommodate.  The integrated system cabinet and frame make the power system easy to transport, so bring it along for any outdoor or off-grid event.


  • PV Panels: 100W
  • Battery: 65 Ah
  • Voltage available: 115V AC, 32V DC
  • 300W sinusoidal waveform inverter
  • Overcharge protection controller

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