7 Foot Unit


Product Description:

These collector units are designed for commercial applications.  This series is capable of heating 110 gallons to 120oF daily.

General Details:

  • Product series: SHP710
  • Dimensions: 79.02” tall, 74.25” long, 9.25” wide
  • Number of collector tubes: 10
  • Storage capacity: 45 gallons
  • Absorber surface: 77 square feet
  • Daily energy output: 56,000 BTU
  • Flow rate: 0.5 – 7 GPM

Technical Specs

Choosing a Model:

There are two different collectors in this series: an end unit (SHP710-E-00) and a middle unit (SHP710-M-00).  The two types are identical except for the water inlet and outlet locations.  Use the following instructions to determine how many of each type to select for an installation involving:

  • 1 collector: When installing a single collector, select an end unit.
  • 2-4 collectors: Up to 4 units can be connected as one continuous series of collectors.  The furthest collector from the water intake must always be an end unit, and the 1-3 collector(s) in between must be middle units.
  • 5+ collectors: After a series of collectors reaches a total of 4 units, start a new series.  Follow the rules above for identifying when to use end and middle units.