Explaining the Competition:

While rooftop PV panels look like glossy shingles, solar water heater collectors can detract from the visual appeal of a roof.  An unusual fixture amidst the shingles attracts a lot of attention, which prevents a rooftop installation from ever being discreet.  If the collectors need to be propped up at a different angle than the slope of the roof, they become even more visually obtrusive.

The GLE Solar Advantage:

GLE Solar collectors advance the appearance of solar technology and give the consumer several options for installing it.  Conventional evacuated tubes look thin and fragile, like fluorescent lights.  GLE Solar evacuated tubes are much larger, sturdier cylinders, which makes our collectors more visually impressive.  A collector can be installed immediately adjacent to the outer wall of a house.  Many properties already reserve a place for an outdoor air conditioning unit, and those units are typically an eyesore.

If a customer likes the sleek design of the evacuated tubes and wishes to showcase the collectors, the frame is designed to integrate into existing fences and handrails for porches, patios, and decks.  This allows your solar solution to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Wouldn’t you rather change the appearance of a fence or railing without altering the image of an entire building?