Choosing a Location

GLE Solar is proud of the option to integrate our collectors into fences and railings, but this will not be an option for every installation. The shade and solar exposure must be taken into consideration ahead of the appearance of the installed product. Before purchasing any GLE Solar collectors, read the following guidelines and try to identify possible installation sites on your property:

    • The south side of a building is the best location for solar absorption, but the east and west sides of a building can be acceptable substitutes. The north side of a building will get the least direct sunlight at all times of the year, so try to avoid installing the unit on the north side of the building.
    • The unit should be positioned in a location with a minimum of 6 hours of direct sun exposure. Avoid locations with excessive shade from trees, bushes, sheds, neighboring buildings, or any other obstruction.

    • If the unit is positioned on the south side of the building, the unit will achieve the best results when oriented perpendicular to the building. If the unit is positioned on the east or west side of the building, the unit will achieve the best results when oriented parallel to the building and positioned 2 feet from the outer wall.

  • Try to locate the collectors as close to the building as possible to limit plumbing and insulation work for the installation process.
  • Confirm with the local utility companies that there are no existing underground utilities in the intended installation location before scheduling an installation.

If all of these guidelines have been followed, the installed unit(s) should perform as expected. If the conditions are ignored, GLE Solar will not be liable for disappointing results.