Certification Updates

Full OG-100 Certification

February 29, 2012 – The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) has issued formal documents granting full OG-100 certification to the SHP310, SHP410, SHP609, and SHP710 series solar collectors. GLE Solar had previously held only interim OG-100 certification, but the SRCC has finished their due diligence to affirm that GLE Solar’s line of evacuated tube batch collectors meet the criteria for this industry standard.

Since GLE Solar is the first company to develop solar collectors that are vertically-mounted and oriented facing east-west, the SRCC is still working to adapt their computer modeling software to simulate these conditions. The newly published certificates do not include performance data; new certificates will be provided with performance numbers when this information is calculated in the coming weeks. This SRCC modeling delay has also postponed GLE Solar’s OG-300 applications, but they are still on pace to be published this spring.