Testing and Certification Update

November 4, 2011 – The Exova testing facility in Mississauga, Ontario, has completed its performance testing of GLE Solar collectors.  We have already received a copy of the testing final report, and Exova has sent the same test data to SRCC and FSEC.

With this performance data, GLE Solar products are now eligible for full certification in the OG-100 solar thermal standard.  Our staff is also finalizing application materials for dozens of systems seeking SRCC’s OG-300 standard.  Qualifying OG-300 systems would be eligible for some state and local tax incentives for which OG-100 collectors do not qualify.

We expect to receive OG-100 certification and FSEC collector certification in the coming weeks, and SRCC should finalize our OG-300 system certifications in early 2012.